Interested In Deep Point Of View?

Want to add emotional depth to your stories? Want readers to connect with and care about your characters? Want to create fiction where the reader feels like they’re in the story in real time -- create something immersive they’ll tell all their friends about?

Been Told By An Agent Or Editor To Rewrite In Deep POV?

Can't Find Enough Info On How To Write Deep POV Well?

This is the place to learn deep POV!

I've spent over ten years learning deep POV and I know how frustrating it is to learn this style of writing. You get one or two pieces of information, but you're told you're still not writing in deep POV. I've made the learning process easy so you can back to writing FAST! Try the stand-alone courses without any feedback options, or take the longer deep POV masterclass (only open 2-4 times a year) that includes over two dozen opportunities for feedback and longer critiques to help you learn even faster!

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Writing Emotions In Layers

  • Tired Of Being Told To "Go Deeper"?
  • Tired Of Being Told Your Writing Has Lots Of Action But No Emotion?

Learn To Write Emotions In Layers

This is the most-watched unit of my popular 5 week masterclass on writing in deep point of view. This is a deep dive into writing emotions in layers that assumes you already know the basics of this advanced writing style.

Learning the principles behind layering emotions in scenes (for your entire novel or for emotional gut-punch moments) is going to help you immerse readers in the lived experience of your character's emotional journey! This is where emotional connections are formed for readers!

Learn the four layers of emotions and how to blend and integrate these layers to avoid the clunky ... and then ... and then... construction. Learn how to effectively use emotional triggers, coping mechanisms, and internal dialogue to SHOW internal conflict in a compelling grab-you-by-the-throat way that will keep readers turning pages.

Deep Point Of View Foundations

  • Had An Agent Or Editor Ask You To Rewrite In Deep POV?
  • Heard About Deep POV But Can't Find Enough Info On How To Write It Well?

Learn The Basics Of Deep POV

Deep POV is a popular writing technique that aims to remove the psychic or narrative distance between the reader and the POV character. It's not a writer telling a story about one or many characters (as in omniscient, objective third, or limited third person POVs), rather it's that the reader experiences the character's story journey as though it's virtual reality or first-person shooter style. Deep POV is an immersive and immediate writing style that creates powerful emotional connections between readers and characters.

This course lays out in bite-size chunks the foundational tools that make this popular style of writing work for you. There's no point picking out paint if you don't have walls, right. Start at the beginning and get the tools you need to build a proper story house in deep POV. 

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