Deep Dive Author Club Membership

Ready to go DEEPER emotionally with your writing and create powerful connections with your readers?

Looking for a group that’s going to challenge you to grow in your craft and push you to get words on the page? Have a good understanding of deep POV, but know there are areas you just can’t quite get right?

The Deep Dive Author Club Membership might be just what you need!

The Deep Dive Author Club Membership is an opportunity for feedback on longer works to help you apply deep POV to your whole novel! This curated critique group is designed to help you learn in the biggest leaps possible.

You’re Placed In A Small Group

This is an ongoing monthly membership that opens 2 – 3 times a year. Your first month you submit up to 10 pages a week for three weeks and a 5-point novel road map of the novel you’ll be working on.

After that first month, you’ll be placed in a critique group of no more than four other writers (ideally with others writing in the same genre). You remain in that group until you choose to leave the membership, outgrow the group you're initially placed in, or begin working on a new novel in a different genre.

Once you’re in a small group, you submit up to 10 pages for critique on Thursdays via our secure Slack channel. You read and comment on the work from the other members of your small group and receive their feedback (as well as Lisa’s or your coach's) by Sunday midnight. We take the last week of every month off – so you submit three weeks out of four every month.

What You Get

In addition to the marked-up Word file critique (or .rtf), everyone receives a video critique. This is a Loom video sent privately via email where some of the thinking behind the comments are explained plus you’ll get one quick tip for going deeper.

Once a month, an exclusive teaching video is posted here on this website (with a link posted on Slack) for all members.  

What You’re Committing To:

  • Providing feedback to all members of your small group by Sunday midnight three weeks a month.
  • Submitting up to 10 pages (double-spaced, 12pt font) a week for three weeks every month. You may repost pages you’ve already received feedback on, or pages new to the group. Ideally, the pages are posted in consecutive order. On the week where we don’t post new pages is when the teaching video will be posted to address issues that have cropped up over the month. There won’t be breaks for holidays or vacations.
  • Creating a 5-point novel road map of the novel you’re working on (there is a unit on this website with instructions).
  • Taking the comments from the previous week’s crits and editing the next week’s submission accordingly. Because of this, it’s wise to have at least a first draft of a novel when you begin the membership.
  • You may leave the membership at any time, and sign up again later, but you will be charged at whatever the current rate is (which may be higher than when you first signed up). There are no partial-month refunds.
  • Payment is through Paypal exclusively. Membership renews on the first of each month. An understanding of Slack or a willingness to learn the platform is essential.

**Lisa is not a professional editor.**

She is a trained teacher and a writer who geeks out about deep point of view and going deeper with emotions in fiction. These longer critiques will consider plot and other structure issues, but to get the most out of the critiques, it is advised that writers who join have a good understanding of plot, character arc, tension, and maintaining conflict.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the first pages due?

Your first ten pages and your novel road map are due by July 9th. You will submit another ten pages on July 16 and again on July 23. We take the week of July 30 off. It will be during that fourth week of July where you'll be notified of which crit group you're in.

How Long Is The Course?

This is a membership, not a course. So, you can join for three months, or six months or two years. At 30 pages a month, it would take you 7 months to submit and get feedback on a 50,000 word novel (approximately). You might want to stay and get feedback on the whole novel, or take it a little slower and resubmit pages to get feedback on your edits.

You might get to the 50% mark in your novel and decide you've got it the hang of going deeper with emotions now and don't need the crit group anymore. Totally up to you.

A three-month commitment is preferred but not mandatory.

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Yes! I want to go deeper with the emotions in my fiction!

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