Deep Point Of View Foundations

  • Had An Agent Or Editor Ask You To Rewrite In Deep POV?
  • Heard About Deep POV But Can't Find Enough Info On How To Write It Well?

Learn The Basics Of Deep POV

This short course is a deep dive into the foundational principles of writing in deep POV. You can take these basics, and build upon them to create an immersive and immediate style of writing that grabs readers by the throat and won't let them go. Deep POV is what you want to learn if you’re looking to deliver an emotional gut-punch for readers.

course endorsement

course endorsement

There’s no quick formula. Rather, what this short e-course does is break down complex and convoluted basics into bite-size pieces that are easier to understand and get curious about. This is not a set of rules, but rather this course aims to show you what EFFECT these techniques aim to create, and why they create that effect for readers. You -- the artist, the writer -- get to decide which techniques to use where to create the effect you need in any given scene to best serve your story and your voice. This is not a template or a rule book. 

You'll learn:

  • why naming emotions is telling in deep point of view
  • how to create a feeling of urgency and immediacy that drives tension and suspense
  • how to recognize the author/narrator voice and what to replace it with
  • how to put the reader IN the character's head and body so the story feels visceral and keeps them turning pages 

Because everyone learns just a little bit differently, lessons are available online as text (from any device connected to the internet), there's a downloadable PDF of each lesson, a video of each lesson with additional learning, and exercises to help you learn to apply what you've learned. 

Deep POV Foundations creates the basis you'll need to make this technique work for you and condense your learning time so you can get back to writing FASTER. This allows you to take more advanced courses where this content is assumed knowledge. 

The goal of writing deep POV is to create an emotional connection with readers that forces them to keep turning the page and cheering for your characters.

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